The first exhibition of my photographs took place in September 1972 at The Open Mind Gallery, a clean, well lit space in New York City’s Soho district, long before it was fashionable. The gallery could only be reached via a loading dock and I shared the space with the release of a book of poetry by John Giorno entitled Cancer In My Left Ball. It was a gratifying experience but I never had another until my retrospective at the The Witkin Gallery in 1999. Since that time there have been many exhibitions and as wonderful as each was in its own way, the best are those that are yet to come.

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    Downtown Markham is a multi-billion dollar new city, the largest planned mixed use development in Canada, spanning 243 acres within the Greater Toronto metropolitan area. The developers of this massive project, The Remington Group, felt it was important to not only construct millions of square feet for retail, housing and entertainment uses, but to create an art program that would be integral to all these spaces. Remington’s art curator, Shelley M Shier, felt that street art should be a major component of this art program and set aside two locations for the use of street art and photography within this new city.

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    I have always been fascinated by what I see on walls and since the mid-1970s whenever I saw something of interest and I had a camera with me I took a picture. Many photographs from a variety of locations were the result. In some instances these photographs turned into projects; the first was called Cancer Eyes, featuring photographs I took in the New York City subway system for six months beginning in October 1978 and ending in March/April 1979.

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IMG 9010My new web site is an update as well as an expansion and reworking of hankonealphoto.com and hankoneal.com. This new site now contains many new features, additional pages, new photographs and updated sections that deals with books and other publications that feature my words and photographs.

The photography section still contains one photo from October 1953, jumps to December 1963 and continues 52 years until today and, hopefully will continue well beyond, into the next decade. The photographs I've included are all parts of projects I've undertaken over the years and whether the image depicts a person, place or things, I consider them all portraits. Some are more interesting than others, but my opinion about this and my favorites change from day to day. Perhaps this will also be the reaction of those who view them.

There are new additions that deal with portfolios, installations and books, as well new many new photographs, particularly on the new page dedicated to street art. Some of these projects are on going and will only end when I do. There are also new ones that spring up and these will be included when time allows. Comments on any of the images, books or portfolios are more than welcome and encouraged.